Trip to Madurai, India

I haven’t updated the India trip for a while so I’ll come back to some of the Christian Experiences we have had in a later post.  Yesterday, we took a bus trip to Madurai.  It was through some beautiful mountains, but it took about 10 hours to go 170 miles.  (We actually got lost on the way and the bus drivers had to resort to the GPS on my Blackberry to guide us back!)  On one part, this monkey was right outside my bus window.

This is an old city known for the Massive Hindu Temples.  The size is overwhelming itself, but the detail and paiting on every inch of them is truly remarkable.

We’re now bracing ourselves for the journey back to Kottayam.  We leave Monday night for our trip back to Chicago.  Can’t Wait.

~ by Greg Lee on October 29, 2010.

One Response to “Trip to Madurai, India”

  1. What an amazing experience Greg! Have a safe trip back to home sweet home. I know you will have so much to share and everyone will be eager to learn about your experiences!

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