Gandhi’s Home

Today we got to tour the “Satyagraha Ashram” Mahatma Gandhi established outside of Ahmedabad upon his return to India nearly 100 years ago.  The setting was fascinating, but the essence of his conviction was captivating.

I’ve known of Gandhi in general and respected him as an important 20th century figure.  We did some reading about him in advance of our journey here.  But being on the site of where his plans were made was wild.  The pictures here include two of his philosophies.  Click on them to enlarge.

I would embrace much of what he stood for and there are parts I would disagree with also, but his voice as a leader came because he personally modeled what he publicly stood for.  True integrity…the integration of what I say I believe with how I actually behave.  The truth is none of us know the true depth of our convictions until we are severely tested – until it would personally cost us something substantial to live them out with consistency.

Gandhi did.  Completely.  Humbly.  Just makes it obvious to me how much personal growth I still have to do.

You too?

~ by Greg Lee on October 22, 2010.

One Response to “Gandhi’s Home”

  1. I love those quotes from Ghandi, they are very powerful and very true. Thank you for sharing. You never get the concepts of someone by just reading about them, you have to take the journey in their steps yourself. Glad you are doing that Greg. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Lots of Blessings,

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