First Impressions in Ahmedabad

Over our first week in India, we will get to experience some key sites of Mahatma Gandhi’s work, along with a full exposure to Swaminarayan Hinduism.  But after 24 hours of travel from Chicago to here, these are just my initial impressions.

Not in Kansas anymore. I looked up to find my gate in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and saw this screen.  I can make my way through most airports by figuring out the signs…not this one.  Let me give kudos to Ethihad Airlines.  It was the best flying experience I have ever had – even if I was in the middle seat of the middle section!

Rich/Poor…Ancient Modern. Our first drive through the city from the airport was a story of contrasts.  We saw this HUGE camel walking down the road while also seeing development like you would in the States.  There was also some great poverty, much like I have seen in Liberia and other places.  Still, unlike Liberia, there are also sections that are quite well off.  We are staying in a very nice home of one of the Swaminarayan Hindu families.  Their children and grandchildren live in Boston and New Jersey.

Before I leave I’m going to make sure to take a ride in one of these three-wheeled Rickshaws.  They are everywhere!

~ by Greg Lee on October 20, 2010.

One Response to “First Impressions in Ahmedabad”

  1. Awesome Experiences Greg! Is there a middle class there? because here it’s pretty much a poor and rich with hardly a middle class.

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