Off to India

I’m typing this as I see on my flight map that we are actually pretty close to flying over Bagdhad!  I’m on my way to India and with all the other things happening I haven’t been able to hardly think about this trip, much less write about it, but let me give you the quick update since I hope to post about my experiences for a couple of weeks.

I’m nearing the end of a two year “Fellowship” with 18 pastors from around Indiana.  The Fellowship has an academic bent to it (in its qualificaitons and experience) and a leadership bent to it (so we are encouraged to DO SOMETHING with what we are learning).

It has been the vision of (and completely funded by) the Lily Foundation in an effort to sustain pastoral excellence, and explore how pastors and churches could be part of addressing challenges in our state and our world.  Most of our experiences have been addressing particular social challenges in Indiana – from education to economic development to justice issues, etc.  it has been fascinating, thought-provoking.

But we had a trip to mexico last year and this is the crowning event…a week in Amedebad, India (in the region of Gujerat if you click on the map) and another week in Kottayam, India (in the region of Kerala on the map).  Amedabad was a huge part of Ghandi’s life and we’ll get to experience a Hindu Culture first hand (staying in the homes of Swaminaryan Hindu followers).

Hope to have some interesting stuff and good pictures to post along the way.


~ by Greg Lee on October 19, 2010.

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  1. That’s amazing I would love sometime to visit some villages that influenced Ghandi’s life. Hope you write a lot about it and I’m looking forward to your insights about it.

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