4 Campuses…Running on Empty?

Don’t let the title of this post fool you.  The only thing Running on Empty today was the Bears Offense.  Actually our Campuses explored the “Second Chance at Purpose…If you are Running on Empty.”  It was a GREAT day.

St. John…I always expect the crowds to shrink when we send out a huge crew to launch a new campus (or 2), but it just doesn’t ever seem to happen.  Loved your worship today.  Loved “The Culps”.  Loved the conversations after the message.

Hobart…Doug texted me this afternoon to say our announcement went great and he had some great conversations about the upcoming move.  for everyone who is curious…I’ll give a post to it later this week.

Highland…We expect the crowds to shrink after launch weekends that can be inflated.  Didn’t Happen!  Saw some great pics (including the ones here) and loved how you did pizza and playground to start connecting with new people after the services!

Walkerton…Another one of our elders went over there today and had great things to say about Andy, the enviroment and the crowd…also just as big as week 1.

I talked to 3 people this morning who asked me how to get the CD from this morning’ s message to give to their “one”.  Praying God uses it.  I met a few more of your “one’s” today in person.  Keep it up, Suncrest.  I love ya.

~ by Greg Lee on October 3, 2010.

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