Nephews and a Niece

Haven’t posted on personal stuff for a while and i was just thinking about some extended family things.  Jenny and I both have great extended families.  On my side most of our interactions stay pretty tight with my parents, brothers, and their families (pictured from our August get-together).  I love that.  Jenny’s family?  Their tree is huge…and free-flowing.  Just hang around and you are welcomed as part of the family.  I love that too.

Outside of being a dad, I think being an uncle is the most fun.  In fact, sometimes it is more fun than having to be the dad!  I always thought the world of my Uncle Bill and want to pass that on (though it is MUCH harder now that we have kids of our own).  I have 4 nephews and a niece that are great first-cousins to Jack and Abby.  Here are just a few highlights about them…

Tim and Beth’s kids…

Eric is the oldest (middle school) and the leader of the clan.   He is a stellar athlete, leading his team to a regional basketball championship and wearing #22 scoring touchdowns.  Best of all, he has his priorities straight.  His Facebook description just says “Sports r awesome but not as awesome as God!!!!”

Megan is my only niece and is a sweetheart, but you wouldn’t want to mistake her kind spirit for weakness.  Maybe it comes with having 2 brothers.  She’s a catcher and a middle child (both just like ole uncle Greg) and is quite capable at “mothering” all of her younger cousins.  What do I like most?  She says she is going to Africa with me someday!

In some ways, Jonathan is my favorite.  Great kid.  I love to laugh with him.  He’s still young, but I’m predicting he will be the Gentle Giant.  He’s got some size to him, is a hard worker with Grandma, and I think it is in his nature to be a great friend, pull for the underdog and  support those who others overlook.

Ben and Karen’s Kids…

Marcus is a 6 year old with NO FEAR.  None.  He’s adventurous, confident, and athletic.  Last month, he did his first triathlon (50 yards swimming/2 miles biking/half mile running).  Incredible.  All the best characteristics you would expect from a first-born with a craving to do everything connected to church too.

Nathan is 4…a month older than our Abby…and they are two peas in a pod.  You might think his personality would be still developing, but I think we all already know.  He’s never going to let his brother get too far ahead of him.  He’s going to be hilarious…he jokes with Grandpa or whoever at every chance.  And he is going to be super-affectionate.

Just one more part of my life that is much better than I deserve…

~ by Greg Lee on October 1, 2010.

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