The “Global” Part of the Jesus Mission

My biggest dilemma these days is keeping all the incredible stuff happening out there in front of people.  Every time I emphasize one thing, I want to say “but don’t forget about this and this…and this too!”

The two campus launches from Sunday were incredible experiences.  They deserve every ounce of attention they got and more.  Still, I want to make sure connecting in community groups gets every ounce of attention it deserves, a huge new announcement on the horizon for the Hobart campus gets the attention it deserves (you’ll hear it Sunday at Hobart!), our new children’s ministry check-in processes get the attention they deserve.  You get the idea…

I’ve tried to keep the “Global” part of The Jesus Mission in front of you even while we launched the “Local” and “Regional” aspects of it.  With David Vineyard’s leadership…our effort to plant churches and bring sustainability to Liberia is moving faster than I imagined.

Think about this…Since May our Six Person Team has met close to a dozen times, built relationships and had multiple on-site visits with partners from Indy and St. Louis.  They organized and executed a trip for three of us to do partner-building in Liberia.  And, though i don’t think we can officially call it a “church plant” yet, there is a core group (the pictures are from this) that has formed with one of the partners and they are already meeting weekly and pulling together their plan.  Wow.

You might get tired of me saying this, but I can’t afford for anyone to miss it.  You have made the difference, Suncrest.  Your generosity made the difference for people that showed up to Highland and Walkerton needing a second chance.  Your unselfish sacrifice is beginning to provide hope to a new part of Liberia, and will eventually provide jobs and economic development too.

They can do it with a little help from us!  It reminds of something Gordon wrote while he was reflecting on our trip there last month: All of this was inspiring, but the most inspiring thing was to talk to them.  To hear their hearts for God, to feel their dependence on God.  They asked us to remember them and pray for them after we were gone, and they meant it.  It was not a casual, Christian thing to do, request.  It was real, they know how to depend on God, and they believe in the power of prayer.  Greg ended our visit with them with a heartfelt prayer for them and their vision.  When I looked around at this group of tough, hard-working men after his prayer most had tears in their eyes.   I need more of that kind of dependence in my life.

~ by Greg Lee on September 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “The “Global” Part of the Jesus Mission”

  1. Greg–

    Managing vision capital is always an on-going challenge for you senior/lead pastor types. I have heard our pastor speak on it multiple times. Especially when so many great things are happening. What an amazing community that you get to serve alongside at Suncrest!

  2. I love the progress you are making in Liberia! Hopefully sometime in the future I can be a part of it. I will pray for continued successes both at home and abroad.

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