Two Campus Launches (with Pictures)!

Joshua leading Worship

First…Praise God.  When we follow His plan, he blows me away time after time.  And, Suncrest he used your blood, sweat, tears, leadership, and generosity to do something truly special today.  What church in its right mind tries to double form 2 to 4 campuses all in one day?  You did!

Kids Check In

Instead of me trying to describe everything to you, I’ve just going to do some cutting and pasting of observations I’ve come across today.

Beka Jackson — Got to be at Highland launch this morning. I cried all the way there I was so excited and I couldn’t even read the sign to the kids – Mia had to! Then when the parking lot was FULL of cars, I cried even more! What a dork. Just can’t believe I get to be a part of such an amazing church. Can’t wait to see what God will do in Highland and Walkerton!

The nursery...

Cheri Newell (commenting on Beka’s) – God is awesome!!! Walkerton was full, too! What an amazing day!

Rachel Kaser (from Walkerton) – We had a tremendous first Sunday thanks to all of you praying like crazy for us!  Everything went off without a glitch, which is A LOT when you consider all of the people, technology, etc. that has to be “on” for any given Sunday!  We had a lot of new faces and really good response…more on that below!  Thanks again for all of your prayers on our behalf!  (You can check out pics by clicking here.).

Jared Mehrle (I need to tell him to stop and appreciate the moment for a while!) — Awesome morning at Suncrest Highland…Cannot wait until next week!

Andy teaching...Graph look familiar? LOVE working on messages together!

Andy Kaser – God blew us away with his kindness.  Proud of our team.  Love being part of Suncrest.  God’s spirit moving!

I couldn’t be happier.  The Walkerton campus launched with one service and had 130 people there and the Highland campus launched with 2 services and had 244 people there.  Some were well-wishers and some were launch team, but far and away…most were people who have never experiences Suncrest before.

Great Volunteers!

On days of celebration like this I always like to remember the journey.  The days that had doubt and uncertainty and anticipation and small confirmations. The unexpected challenges and unexpected blessings.  The genesis of the vision (it actually came in a conversation in my office with our mission leaders about Africa after I had just read Acts 1:8).  From there on, we couldn’t get “Local, Regional, Global” out of our heads!  And today, God proves faithful again.

Love ya Suncrest!  All of you!

Every person at all campuses got this card today...How fun is it to be multi-site?

~ by Greg Lee on September 27, 2010.

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  1. What a God we serve!

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