The 3 Difference Makers in The Jesus Mission

I’m fasting today for campus launches and it has made me slow down enough to see some connection between things. As we celebrate new launches, don’t miss the difference-makers for these 2 campuses to get off the ground Sunday (and for our church planting in Liberia that is taking off very quickly).

1.  GOD Himself. The Word of God (Acts 1:8) birthed this vision in us.  Teams that have been fasting and praying have asked Him to move…and he has.  And remember, “only God” changes the human heart.  He has shown us he does.  We believe that he will.

2.  Leaders. We have a value in our DNA around Suncrest that says: Leadership Matters.  God uses individuals to influence other individuals.  But he uniquely uses leaders to build teams and create movements of people.  Jared Mehrle and Andy Kaser have given point leadership to these new campuses.  David Vineyard has given point leadership to the Liberian effort.  They have wisely surrounded themselves with more leaders (some staff, but mostly volunteers) who are building their parts of the movement.  God uses LEADERS and we wouldn’t be launching campuses without them.

3.  Your Generosity. Whatever happens this weekend and beyond in Highland and Walkerton would not be happening without the sacrificial generosity of Suncrest.  It’s still amazing to me that you all are giving $370,000 over and above your regular giving to something that you will never personally benefit from.  Whether your gift is totaling $10 or $10,000, every one of them combined is making this effort possible!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Final side note…It is hitting me after I type this that these are the same three things that were difference makers in the New Testament as the “Original Jesus Mission” was implemented!

~ by Greg Lee on September 23, 2010.

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