Coming Soon…A launch near you!

Thanks to Suncrest’s extraordinary generosity, some great leadership from campus pastors and staff, and a whole lot of faith…Suncrest will launch 2 new campuses this Sunday.  Some great stuff…

Both campuses had great services Sunday as part of their final prep.

-Highland had a couple new families come because they saw the signs on Ridge Road (we practiced everything!)

-I was reading Walkerton’s prayer update and saw them raving about a family that is committing to help them launch from the Hobart Campus.  Way to go Jesse, Linda, Maria, and Angela.

-I got an email this morning from a St. John campus attender who saw a facebook conversation where one of the new Highland families was raving about their experience.  Fun Stuff.

-I had a conversation at the end of the morning yesterday with a lady who was baptized one year ago at Suncrest and she just to told me that she was “someone’s ‘one'” then.  She was so thankful.

-It will be a full week praying for all the names you wrote down on Sunday.

-Small things can be huge.  Andy told me about his encounter with a janitor at the Walkerton Elementary School on Sunday that ended up with some much-needed storage space.  “We finished loading the last few things – since they weren’t going to fit on the trailer, she said let’s just put some of it in this closet! We ended up putting all the sound equipment in there! HUGE HUGE HUGE!”

I keep hearing about St. John Campus people with friends in the Highland Area.  More than one is going to take their friend to their launch.

Pray.  Pray. Pray.  Never forget…It is “only God who makes things grow”.

~ by Greg Lee on September 21, 2010.

One Response to “Coming Soon…A launch near you!”

  1. This is awesome! I will definitely keep Suncrest in my prayers this week! God does amazing things!

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