Tuesday Reflections

A lot of Pastors do some sort of “Sunday Reflections” blog where they recap their services, etc.  I’ve done that from time to time, including yesterday.

I think it hit me last night that in our ministry, it is better for me to do a “Tuesday Reflections”.  Lots of reasons for that, but the biggest one is really important for me.  Sunday isn’t just about coming to enjoy ourselves, it is designed for movement!  And Tuesday is the day I see how people are actually responded to things.  Here are some of those I’m celebrating this morning…

1. I heard we had an overflowing crew for one of our “Starting Point” Classes.  It’s one way new people get connected and we are always interested in how and why people are coming to Suncrest…and why they are staying. Why do they come? Mostly invitations from others who attend.  And one lady who found our series “How to Read Your Bible” online and thought it was exactly what she needed.  Why do they stay? Over the long term, I know their answer will be because they connected in a Community Group (Starting Point is their first step toward that), but for a lot of them they have kept coming because of our children’s ministry (always a very popular answer), the music connected with them, and they found a place they can grow in their faith.

2.  Looks like there will be 80+ women connecting for Morning Grace beginning this Wednesday.  I love MG!

3.  More than a dozen people/families said they would go help with the Walkerton launch in October/November.  If you did, I think you are cool.  (You might be cool too even if you didn’t, but this was just one way to know for sure.)  🙂

4.  I got an email from a lady who read about the NWI Women’s Center in our bulletin and is going to volunteer there now.  I love people who serve people in need outside our walls.

5.  I mentioned Home Depot’s Slogan on Sunday about the partnership between you and Suncrest when it comes to helping people take steps of faith – “You can Do it.  We can help.” An attender who works at Home Depot said they have a new slogan that could work for us too — “More Saving.  More Doing.”  I like it.

There is more…including an INCREDIBLE meeting last night with a potential partner for church planting in Liberia.  I have to go get started with the rest of the day.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll write “Wednesday Reflections”.

~ by Greg Lee on September 14, 2010.

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