Sunday Reflections

7 reasons I’m thankful at the end of today.

1. LOVED praying over the team that is going to Launch the Highland Campus in our services.  Why wouldn’t I?  I think they have put themselves in a position to have God use them in a powerful (and fun!) way.  I know lives will be changed because of them.

2.  Got a text from Andy Kaser about the first walk through at the Walkerton’s Campus.  Part of it said, “Very positive in every way! Grateful!”

3.  We had a lunch for all our community group leaders after church.  Can’t wait to see these kick off over the next two weeks!  If you are not in a group, make sure you CONNECT here.

5.  I went from the Groups Lunch to an elder interview.  We are nearing the final steps of our process to determine who will be added as new elders for the next season.

6.  After our interview, all the elders found a radio where we could listen to the Bears pull out the win this afternoon.  Not pretty.  Also, at 19-14 it wasn’t far from my 17-14 prediction.

7.  My parents are in town and we got to have a great evening cooking out and eating on the deck.  Perfect evening to top off a pretty great day.

I’m always dead at the end of the day on Sunday, but it is (almost) always worth it.  Today certainly was.

~ by Greg Lee on September 13, 2010.

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