One Region. One Vision.

Something hit me today as I sat at Northwest Indiana’s “One Region One Vision” lunch.  It probably won’t seem that earth-shattering to you…but here it is:  Northwest Indiana is home.

Maybe it should have been more obvious.

-I’ve lived here — and to some degree or another have led here — for 14 years.

-I’ve freely told people I imagine I will be here for a lifetime.

-I’ve just ate my 1000th “Mickey” from Schoops (only a slight exaggeration).

Still, as I listened to leaders talk about our region, its challenges, and some promising new initiatives, it hit me that I really care about our area.  I imagine some of it is that my children are now part of soccer clubs and school systems.  And some may be that Suncrest has expanded from Tri-town/Crown Point to Hobart/Merrillville and now to Highland and the surrounding area.

Does this matter?  It does for me.  It makes me want to keep shaping people’s lives one by one through their faith, knowing they will bring great influence to the Region.  But I am also fascinated by the impressive effort of a lot of community leaders to move our area toward a better quality of life through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

It’s no secret to anyone who lives here that the past story of the region can often be traced to fractures and turf wars.  And no one is pretending those will change overnight.  But there was evidence of people coming together for the common good.  I don’t quite know how yet, but I want our family to be part of that solution.  And I’d like for you to be also.

~ by Greg Lee on September 10, 2010.

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