What if everyone was this honest?

The answer is: A lot more people would find the help they need.

Now let me tell you the story:  Charlie Talley is an all around good guy who’s life has changed at Suncrest.  He puts in a ton of volunteer hours with us as our chief handyman.  And on Sunday, got up to introduce communion at our St. John Campus.

Totally honest here…I know Charlie has the most sincere heart, but I wasn’t anticipating anything eloquent as a public speaker.  What we got was 100 times better than eloquent.  It was honest.  Raw.  Authentic.

He acknowledged to everyone that he only can read well enough to get by and that trying to read the Bible has been an impossible experience for him.  And then he asked if there was anyone who could help him learn to read better so that he could understand the Bible.

Multiple people responded through email and the connection card that they would love to help him with his reading.  I love that.  We never get the help we need until we are honest about our struggles.

You know what else happens?  Your honesty lends others the strength to be honest too.  Charlie told me last night that while we had multiple people offer to help, he had even more people come up to him and tell him they struggle with the same thing…but they would have never acknowledged it without his authenticity opening the door.

A new group might be forming connecting those who struggle to read with Christ-followers who want to help.  If you are interested, send me an email – greg.lee@suncrest.org

~ by Greg Lee on September 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “What if everyone was this honest?”

  1. Greg, that is AWESOME! God Bless Charlie for having the courage to speak out and look what he has done, he has opened the doors for others!!!! And the blessings continue……

  2. […] more about the Bible in the last 2 months than his previous 48 years.  Very Cool. (You can read the background of this story here and an update on it here.)  Then he said something like “I’m so thankful to Greg for […]

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