Serving Here…Serving There

I just learned a team of 19 people from Suncrest went to Indy last Saturday to serve an under-resourced neighborhood. Obviously, I love it and it reminded me of one power of the Jesus Mission in Acts 1:8:  It clarifies where people who follow Jesus should serve. In our own communities?  Yes.  On the other side of the world?  Yes.  Everywhere in between?  Yes.  Local.  Regional. Global.

I’ll hear arguments from time to time that want to separate it.

Some say, “Why go to the other side of the world when there are so many needs here?”

Others say, “Why serve Americans when the needs of third world countries are so much more dramatic?”

Jesus says, “Serve them all.  It’s what we do!”

And it’s something I love about Suncrest…We get back from a trip to Liberia and I get news about the team in Indy. And then I have a conversation with a friend who is serving his elderly neighbor.

Serving here…Serving there…serving everywhere.  It’s what we do.

~ by Greg Lee on August 19, 2010.

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