Our Leader…David Vineyard

If you have been reading about our trip here you might think I’m the leader of our three-man team here in Liberia. You would be wrong. I might be the spokesperson. David Vineyard is the leader.

David has been on our staff at Suncrest for 8 years and is a huge asset to our leadership.  He thrives when he is connecting people and coordinating projects and is responsible for an enormous amount of ministries at our church. When it came to this trip, he has made it happen every step of the way. He makes all of the arrangements with our Liberian contacts. He makes sure we get all of our questions asked. He keeps us out of trouble. He engages Liberians about economic development and agricultural development with ease. He makes sure we are all set for the next day. He has been on the phone here in Liberia as much as he is at the office!

Best of all, he is a servant-leader. He tries to avoid the spotlight and make things happen behind the scenes. He is never concerned with accolades (which will make him uncomfortable reading this) and is laser-focused on the Jesus Mission in Liberia. He has committed to take future trips back to Liberia to monitor our progress and encourage the leaders here.

You don’t spend 10 days with someone in these conditions and not get to know them a lot better. I got everything I expected. More of the David I already knew. Integrity. Hard Work. Inquisitive. Ultra-coordinator. And more hilarious one-liners than I could ever imagine!

I’m grateful to him…as I know we all are.

~ by Greg Lee on August 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Our Leader…David Vineyard”

  1. Brought back memories of my mission trip to Poland with David and a couple of others from Suncrest. You’re right: David is awesome.(Hi, David!)

  2. He does have great one-liners, Greg! I think that is what I most enjoy about David. 🙂

  3. So glad David is doing what he does best in Liberia—we do miss him here in St. John, as I am sure Linda can attest to!

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