10 Unique Experiences

I guess you can’t travel half way around the globe into a third world country for 10 days and not have unique experiences. Here are some of our fun ones so far.

1. David, Gordon, and I have all got to drive here part of the time. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but we all thought it was super cool to drive in a country that is totally different from ours. (Side note: I did stop the car while I was driving today when I saw a United Nations check point ahead. Then it was time to let Danny drive.)

2. Yesterday, Gordon and I were walking along the main road here when a Presidential Motorcade was coming by…so I got out my camera. Seems a natural thing to do, right? Apparently not here. One policeman wagged his finger at me and then another police car pulled off the road to talk to us. He was nice enough…but was very clear no pictures were allowed.

3. I’ve written about the roads, but David told me tonight just how much ground we have covered on our trip — about 800 miles! Much of it at 20 miles per hour. BTW, David is our human calculator and bank. He is always figuring out the exchange rate, our gas mileage, how to get a better deal, and everything else.

4. We got stopped at an immigration checkpoint today (there are lots of checkpoints!) and for a few minutes they took the three of our passports into their office. In the end, they just asked some questions about our visit and let us continue on our way.

5. No hot water all week. You get used to it. But yesterday, it turned into no running water. The whole city is out of commission (no one knows why). So now…they have brought water into the house from area wells. We have two 5 gallon jugs in our bathroom for all of our needs.

6. We were having dinner one night on the Buegar’s porch. It is enclosed and connected to the living room. Then…a live chicken (they roam many places) walked through the living room, and joined us on the porch (the kids caught it and took it back to their neighbor’s).

7. A Satellite dish on a bamboo pole on top of a grass hut.

8. People transported in every way. Packed in vans and taxies. Riding on top of commercial trucks. Have seen them in the trunks of cars and on top of SUV’s. Motorcycle taxies are everywhere. Today one was taking a mom, her toddler, and her infant (along with her bag of supplies) down the highway.

9. Today, we traveled from the southern border (here in Monrovia) to the northern border of the country. On the way back, our rented vehicle started leaking gas and we had to fill up twice at one of the roadside “gas stations” that sells gas out of jars!

10. The most unique…when we got back in our vehicle tonight in Monrovia, the battery was dead (yes, it’s the last time we are using that vehicle). We were near a filling station and went looking for a set of jumper cables. A guy said he could help, but didn’t have jumper cables. What happened next I witnessed this with my own eyes and have on video. He carried out a new battery, used NO wrenches and hooked it up to our car and held both terminals with his hands. He asked Gordon to start the car while he was holding the terminals. Gordon started it right up and with the car running he moved the terminals back from the new battery to our old one, hand tightened them and put down our hood. We were on our way.

Two more days. These are unique experiences, but not our important ones. I’ll begin telling those soon.

~ by Greg Lee on August 9, 2010.

One Response to “10 Unique Experiences”

  1. Greg,

    I just want to thank you for your heart for God’s world and for sharing your experiences. In my travels across the country, I am in contact with a lot of churches. One of the trends I see is that the pastors who get global missions are the same ones who get local missions.

    Keep up the good work brother.

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