Church in Liberia

I’m so frustrated that I can’t get enough internet speed to upload pictures.  It is true of a lot of things around here, but without pictures (or video) the church service is impossible to describe.  Here is my best (but still pretty lame) attempt…

The Setting – The Monrovia United Christian Church worships outside with a modest roof held up by some branches and bamboo poles.  In the background is a church building that is under construction.

The Weather – It is the rainy season here.  That means it rains every day, but the amounts vary greatly.  Today it poured during the time people were traveling to church and during the Sunday School hour.  I would expect this to have a HUGE negative effect on attendance, but it didn’t.  Almost every seat under the roof was full.

The Transportation – The reason I thought rain would affect attendance is that out of 230 people, only 3 families came in cars of their own.  Many walked and many took taxis (some of which are motorcycles).  transportation remains one of the biggest dilemmas for Liberians.

Gordon and David – These guys shined today.  David taught Sunday School…while the rain was POURING down on the roof (sheets of aluminum).  It was so loud, he basically had to stop once.  Gordon introduced communion very well in the worship service.  Both of them were connecting with leader after leader after leader during the fellowship lunch following the services.

The Services – If you have never experienced an African Choir…you should come to Liberia!  I can’t describe the passion, energy, and praise they bring to a service.  The service was over an hour long before I started to preach and I took the full 40 minutes they offered me! 7 people came forward at the end of the service to make new spiritual commitments, including one who was giving his life to Christ and going to be baptized.

Two churches in one morning – The service lasted longer than I expected and we had arranged to be on the phone with the 3 services at the St. John campus (5 hour time difference).  The service literally ended at 1:25pm our time and my phone rang to take the call at 8:25am in the first service at St. John!  It was great to speak to both churches and give Suncrest an update.

Pray for us…tomorrow we have another long drive – 5-6 hours each way up to Ganta, which borders Guinea.  it is our last major visit with a new group and then we will be using Tuesday to tie up some loose ends.  On Wednesday we head for home.

~ by Greg Lee on August 8, 2010.

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