First Impressions in Liberia

I only have a minute here at the most basic place on earth I could imagine having internet service, so here are my first impressions on my first day back in Liberia…

1.  The people…still love them.  They are warm, gracious, hospitable, and smile easily…despite the conditions they find themselves in.

2.  The Buegar’s…we are staying in their home and their friendship with Suncrest and me goes back 15 years.  If any place in liberia could feel like home, it is in their house.

3.  The Showers…I’ll look forward to warm water again when we get home next Thursday.

4.  The City…You can see signs of improvement and lots of construction, but still struck by the lack of infrastructure and the number of people everywhere along the streets.

5.  The travel to Liberia…Very smooth with just one simple connection in Belgium.  Much better than the three-legged trips from before.

6.  The travel in Liberia…Not so smooth.  The non-paved roads (which are almost everywhere) are brutal.  The rainy season washes many things out.  Have only been within Monrovia today, but tomorrow we head out beyond Buchanan to Wayzon.  Ready for new experiences there.

7.  The rainy season…Danny had told us the climate has been changing and the rain is not as oppressive.  So far he is right…It’s rained a bit this afternoon, but overall the weather has been very good — 80’s and sunny/overcast.

8.  Short Notice…I just got asked to preach on Sunday here and then also in a chapel service next Tuesday at a local seminary.  David was asked to teach Sunday School on Sunday and Gordon is up for introducing communion in the worship service.  I have to admit it is kind of funny because I’ve been trying to get Gordon to intro communion at Suncrest for years and he always tells me no.  He couldn’t say no here!

Thanks for all of you who are praying.  David, Gordon, and I appreciate it.  Keep praying for us.

~ by Greg Lee on August 3, 2010.

One Response to “First Impressions in Liberia”

  1. The irony of Gordon leading communion, I just love it! God does have a sense of humor! Blessings~

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