Our Goal…Church Planting Partners

I’m sitting in the Brussels Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Liberia with David Vineyard and Gordon Barker.  Lots of Anticipation.

If you were in our services this morning at Suncrest you heard me reiterate a core value of ours.  Suncrest exists in large part to help start other new churches.  We call it being a “church planting church”.  And not only do we want to start other churches…we want to plant churches that will also be church planting churches.  A mouthful?  Sure…but it is the only way to realize a MOVEMENT.

So in Liberia, we are going to sit down with a lot of people who can be key to making this goal happen in this beautiful, but struggling country.  We will sit down with pastors interested in starting new churches, but it goes beyond that.  There are a lot of resources that might ultimately serve the purpose…from seminaries to organizations that deal with leadership development and those that understand economic development.

All of these will be critical to sustainability, which is probably the KEY issue in starting new churches here. Liberia actually has a number of very small churches that are essentially funded by partners in the USA.  We are not opposed to helping out as needed over the long-term, but we are most excited because most of the people we are talking to have a visions for this country taking responsibility for it’s own churches…and people’s sustainability.  They want to see Liberia move into the next phase of development moving off the absolute dependence on foreign aid.

So it is an exciting time to be a part of things.  I can’t wait to set foot in the country again.  I’m kind of giddy and still bracing myself for it all a the same time.  And I can’t wait for David and Gordon to experience it.

~ by Greg Lee on August 2, 2010.

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