Off to Africa

After our services this morning, three of us from Suncrest will head for O’Hare Airport and make another step in investing in the nation of Liberia, Africa.

This time, I’ll have 2 people from our 6 person “Jesus Mission: Liberia” team with me.

David Vineyard is our key staff member in the area of missions and has really done much of the work in making connections and pulling this trip together. He is also a board member for one of our partner ministries:  Impact Liberia.

Gordon Barker is one of our elders and one of the best minds I have ever met, especially when it comes to planning, project management and finding the best solutions to dilemmas.  We have never expected starting new churches in a war-torn country halfway around the world to be smooth sailing, so it will be great to have him along!

Considering all the potential challenges, we are amazed at how many quality people and organizations we have been able to line up to meet with while we are there.  We hope to come back with some very firm proposals about how to invest in this country to help the most people over the long term and plant effective churches.

Pray for us.  We are going during the rainy season so we know the heat and humidity will be oppressive, along with some real challenges when traveling outside of the capital city (Monrovia).  Past Large Groups that have gone had pre-arranged private vans for transportation and had sent all their food over in advance.  We will…let’s just say…get to experience Liberia in a more authentic way!  🙂

I’ll try to update as I can, but I actually don’t being able to blog much (still no reliable internet) so much of it will be through my twitter/facebook.

~ by Greg Lee on August 1, 2010.

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