Does Facebook make Birthdays more Fun?

So, yesterday I turned 36.  It’s a good number. And it was a pretty typical birthday for me — which just means it was really busy.

If you are on Facebook, you probably know what happens on your birthday.  Since my job is about as public as you can get, I have a lot of Facebook friends…and lots of them stopped in with birthday greetings and some words kinder than I deserve.  Here’s some of what made it so fun…

-I knew I was in for it when I got off my 2 hour flight from Manchester to Chicago, turned my phone back on and had 41 Facebook notifications.

-LOTS of Suncrest people…I’m more and more grateful every day to get to serve with such an incredible community of people.

-College/High School friends.  Even a Grade School friend or two.

-Cub fans.  Almost all of them had some comment about the game vs. the Cardinals…glad someone got to enjoy it!

-3 people who have the same birthday as me!

-Two “Kristin Hankins”.  One is my cousin, the other attends Suncrest.  My only identical named friends on Facebook.

-People responsible for major (positive) shifts in my life.  You know who you are.

-Prob my favorite…Old Suncrest Friends who have since moved to other parts of the country, but made a great impact on me and our church while they were here: Mike/Laura Moseng, Tony Marchetti, Rhonda Reed Chapman, Nikki/Robert Hanley, John Wasem, Dan Thompson, Mike Ward, Josh/Missy (Lucas) Essman.

Until next year…

~ by Greg Lee on July 24, 2010.

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