Church Planting Everywhere

Summer has meant a nice blogging vacation for me.  And while I’m planning to post a number of times this week, I’m going to take next week off again as we get out of town for a few days on a family vacation.

I couldn’t think of a better topic for a first entry coming back tot he blog than this one:  Church Planting.  Starting New Churches is central to who Suncrest is and to who I am.  So here’s the cool stuff happening right now…

1.  I’m out in New England to teach a group of top-tier High School Students from around the country. No hidden agenda:  I want to influence sharp young men and women to be involved in starting new churches. It was cool tonight to hear stories of “alums” of this week who are now doing that.

2. While I’m out here, I’ll get to visit 4 churches Suncrest has made MAJOR investments in starting. We give substantially both in terms of both money and leadership.  I’ll worship at both Rockingham Christian Church (Salem, NH) and Reunion Christian Church (Boston).  We’ll also visit EastPointe Christian Church (Portland, Maine) and Northpointe Christian Church (Providence, RI).  Click on the links to visit their websites!

3.  Three of us leave in a couple of weeks for partner-building trip in Liberia, Africa. We are super excited to potentially 3 groups to interact with who could be partners in planting churches there.  They will be making proposals to us for how we could most effectively use our Jesus Mission offering to plant churches there.  And it seems like our efforts to make it self-sustaining could result in some innovative models that also assist with economic development.

~ by Greg Lee on July 17, 2010.

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