A month later…

I took a few weeks off from blogging…as if it was planned!  Basically last week I noticed I had not posted for a couple weeks and then decided I’d take one more week off while I was at it.

Everything in me wants to write a summary post of my last month, but how boring (and long!) would that be?  So i thought I’d just post a bunch of pictures and let them tell the stories with short captions. There has been lots of church stuff, but family stuff dominates the pictures!

Our Family went to see the Cardinals beat the cubs…and Jack got Ryan Franklin’s autograph on his hat.

Jack Graduated from Kindergarten and Abby loved hanging out with her neighbor friends.  Jack had a great experience largely because of a great teacher. – Mrs. Pollit.  (Not sure many people have more influence than educators!)

Abby had her birthday party with friends…A storm made us take down the bounce house in a hurry and a few of us had fun doing it.

Jack was awarded the “game ball” along with Bryan –  one of his best friends – after a T-ball game.  At the end of one of his games (pay no attention to the hat he is wearing!)

Our 6 person team leading the effort to plant churches in Liberia asked me to be on a small team to go explore opportunities and partnerships there.  Three of us will go in August.

My last post was about Janelle Knox and her husband going to serve in Myanmar.  The next week, I got to have coffee with Les Andrews who was in the same student ministry and is leaving in August to do medical missions in the Ivory Coast (right next door to Liberia!)

Jenny and I got invited to a pastors/spouse retreat with about 40 other couples.  It was great to spend 3 days together with each other.

Jack lost his second tooth…And when the tooth fairy forgot to come for 2 days, he made a sign and put it in his bedroom window to remind her to stop. (He wanted to attach his nightlight too, but we assured him the sign would be a sufficient reminder!!)

Lot’s of ministry stuff without pictures!  But I took this picture outside our house and I still love that Rainbows were designed by God as a reminder that he keeps his promises (Genesis 9:16).  I’ll begin posting more tomorrow on the ways I’ve seen that be true around Suncrest over the last month.

~ by Greg Lee on June 24, 2010.

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