A Dinner to Remember

Last night, we had Johnny and Janelle over to our house.  Janelle was in my youth ministry at Suncrest 10 years ago.  It was through relationships with friends and youth leaders that she decided to embrace Christ whole-heartedly and be baptized.  Now married and with education complete, Janelle and her husband are in town this week connecting with people as they prepare to go serve to equip church leaders in Myanmar in Southeast Asia.  Check out some info on them by clicking here.

I’m calling it a “A Dinner to Remember”.  Jenny cooked an incredible meal.  The conversation was great.  Yes, I think it is awesome to expose Jack and Abby to stories like Janelle’s and let them meet people willing to live by faith who live all over the world.  All of that could make it a “Dinner to Remember”.

But I’m calling it that for another reason…Spending the evening with these guys caused me to remember many, many incredible stories of teens who came through Suncrest, were challenged by one another and adult leaders who invested in them.

From that student ministry we have people who are now serving God in various ways…

-Some got their education at Christian Colleges preparing to serve full time at orphanages in Romania, Medical Missions in Ivory Coast (Africa), multiple people in youth ministry and worship ministry or serving the poor in urban areas around the country.

-Others became key leaders in campus ministries at Purdue, Ball State and other universities…and are now key volunteers in their churches where ever they have been scattered around the country.

-Some of my favorite stories are students whose faith is shaping the way live out flourishing careers in business, politics, education, and other fields.

Each one had their life shaped at Suncrest.  And each one is now being used by God to change lives.  Love that.

~ by Greg Lee on June 2, 2010.

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