Our Staff Lost 247 Pounds

For the last 9 weeks, 18 of our staff (including a few spouses) committed to shed some extra pounds and take a healthier approach to life.  And…I’m amazed at the good a little healthy competition can bring about.

We weighed in every Tuesday morning and published our loss or gain to each other (a little healthy accountability helps too!)  The results were pretty amazing.

Overall, we lost 247 pounds.  ALL 18 were lighter lost at least SOME weight.  Five of the staff (not me!) lost over 20 pounds…the Hobart Campus dominated with all 4 of their staff in this group!

And the winner…Hobart Campus Pastor Doug Gamble lost over 30 pounds!

~ by Greg Lee on May 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Our Staff Lost 247 Pounds”

  1. WOW….you are all awesome! My one concern, will we recognize you all when we come for a Suncrest Sunday visit? Now, I have to get busy walking Jake every day for sure….HE needs to lose 10 pounds:) Congrats to everyone on your dedication (in many ways).
    Will & Martha Farrellbegg

  2. Greg,
    Weight to go Suncrest staff!
    Your loss our gain!
    Keep pounding away!
    Bob Bouwer

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