“They Prayed for Us”

This weekend is our annual elders retreat.  Our elders are a team of 6 spiritual leaders who are ultimately responsible to GUARD and GUIDE the church.  We take one Friday-Sunday every year to escape and take a big picture look at our elders team and our church.  We’ve talked about a wide range of things – some assessment of the church, some assessment of ourselves and one another.

I told Jenny tonight on the phone how fortunate I am to serve a church with elders like this.  They think mission-first and they while they hold me accountable their posture toward me has always been supportive…even protective.  Today they poked and prodded me pretty good about how I am taking care of myself and how our family is doing.  I gave them an honest update on both fronts (areas that aren’t perfect, but I have a lot to be thankful for).

Then…one by one…each of the elders stopped to pray for me.  And for Jenny.  And for Jack and Abby.  They asked God to give me wisdom and rest and the ability to turn off church while I’m at home.  They asked Him to enrich our times as a family and make me the spiritual leader my family needs even more than the church needs.

It felt so good to talk to Jenny on the phone afterward and just say “They prayed for us.”  It’s no surprise why I love these guys.

(And if you ever come to New Buffalo, may I recommend a great burger from “Redamaks”?)

~ by Greg Lee on April 24, 2010.

4 Responses to ““They Prayed for Us””

  1. …”turn off church while I’m at home”… I like that! I’m thankful to have elders that pray that for you and are supportive of our pastors.

  2. Rod and I were just talking about how much we appreciate you and how much you serve and lead Suncrest. What a great example the elders show us as they pray for you, Jenny, Jack & Abby! Also how they hold you accountable to take care of yourself and your family! Rod and I pray for you, Jenny, Jack & Abby often. The heavy burdens (Joys too!) that you carry for those you serve is incredible…Thank You Greg, and know that you are prayed for!

  3. We pray for your best interest every night and thank God for knowing such a wonderful family. We love that you aren’t perfect and never pretend to be.

    The Morin’s

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