Exponential 2010

We are on our way home from the largest Church Planting Conference in America.  Even with Suncrest’s commitment to church planting, this was the first time I had been in a number of years and it’s funny how things have changed over the last few years for me.

I used to love conferences for these reasons:  (1) getting out of town for a few days, (2) learning the latest thinking about ministry, (3) inspiration of great worship.

Now, all of that has changed for me:  (1) I’d rather stay home than be on the road, (2) the latest thinking about ministry is found on blogs and podcasts much earlier (and cheaper!) than conferences., and (3) my worship experiences at Suncrest are just as good as what I experienced this week.

Still 3500 people were with me in Orlando this week…so there must be some reason to be there!  For me, it was all about the people I was able to connect with in person over just a few short days – I thought about typing a long list of everyone, but I want to tell the stories behind the list so I’ll space it out with some random posts over the next few weeks.

~ by Greg Lee on April 22, 2010.

One Response to “Exponential 2010”

  1. So sorry we were unable to connect. I had to leave a day early due to Honors Chapel at Milligan College as Timothy graduates in a couple of weeks. Amazing that in 1990 when I was president of this conference the entire attendance (which we thought was good) was smaller than most of the pre-conference seminars held in the 24 hours prior to the official start of Exponential. Praise God!

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