Christians, Tattoos, and TXT principles

Had some people ask me to post this so here is the video we used yesterday at both campuses.  It was put together by from Oklahoma (and about a dozen other campuses) and taught by their lead pastor, Craig Groeschel.  Craig leads the way in sharing resources from this dynamic church for FREE.  (It’s only one of many reasons I like him!)

This is an interesting video, I presume, for anyone thinking about the issue of tattoos.  But the reason we used it and posted it was that Craig shows a great example of 3 out of 5 TXT principles we are talking about when interpreting a Bible verse from Leviticus 18.  Here he uses…

  • Context (how do the verses around this verse help us understand it?)
  • Background (how does the history/what is happening at the time help us understand it?)
  • Genre (what should we consider going in since this verse is in an Old Testament Law book of the Bible?)

Think about it while you enjoy…”Should a Christian get a tattoo?”

~ by Greg Lee on April 19, 2010.

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