I hate it when that happens…

So I kind of pride myself on preparation and making sure things don’t slip through the cracks.  Sometimes stuff happens that is out of our control, but if it is just a mental breakdown…that drive me nuts about people.

In our 11:00 service I was backstage with a guy named Anthony that I was going to baptize in the service (BTW, 5 more baptisms today…love the way you keep changing lives, Suncrest).  I knew what the cue was for us to come out and I thought I had plenty of time so I started talking to Anthony about his spiritual journey.

He talked about the influence of different people on his journey and said that he had considered himself a Christian for all his life, but really just opened his heart to Christ in the last few weeks.  He started talking about the sermon Jared preached a few weeks ago on “The Shadow of Confusion” and how it just hit him like (his words) “a ton of bricks.”  He said he came forward after the service and Jared prayed with him and he knew it was the beginning of  a new journey.

Pretty cool story, eh?  Apparently I thought so too because I totally missed the cue to come out and baptize him.  Bobby Jackson did a stellar job of creating a quiet reflection time in the service, but he had to wonder after about 2 minutes if we were coming out at all!  Eventually, it hit me that no one was singing and we were late …so we made our way out.

Fortunately, me missing a cue has no effect on what God does through baptism…and Anthony experienced new life today.

So, I’ll be hearing about it this week from our staff  – who tend to usually hear about it from me 🙂

~ by Greg Lee on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “I hate it when that happens…”

  1. Oh Greg! That is too funny. You know the saying “We plan and God laughs.” It really doesn’t matter how much we plan, you speaking with Anthony those precious few minutes before entering the water was intentional by the Holy Spirit. Besides, you were probably due for a miscue! 🙂

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