Easter Reflections

Easter was different for me this year.  I’m not totally sure why, but here are a few random reflections on the last week.

  • I knew Easter was different this year when Jenny asked me on Monday evening how many people were at church and I simply didn’t know the answer.  It was Easter so I knew it was big, but in past years I would find myself dying to know ASAP.
  • Just being candid here…I’m not sure I can even parse all the motivations for wanting to know that number so quickly in the past, but I’m pretty sure not all of them were healthy.
  • I made a change between Saturday’s service and Sunday’s services because I felt like Saturday was too heavy about the struggles we have.  And, duh, this was EASTER so the emphasis should be on HOPE that we have.
  • I actually re-recorded the sermon after the Saturday service for our Hobart campus.  Our volunteers went out of their way to stay late and finalize the video to a DVD…and go buy one more mirror for me!  Our volunteers around here CONSISTENTLY go the extra mile.
  • Speaking of volunteers, how about Charlie Talley?  I was glad he went out to lunch with us Sunday after church so I could at least buy him a meal!  He installed the lights and hung the cross so we could worship in it’s shadow for our Thursday/Friday Passion Services.  Then, he had it all down and reset before the Easter services and cleaned up the broken mirror after each service Saturday and Sunday.
  • I like stories.  I love True Stories.  And I really love people who are willing to be honest about a tough past and the power of God transforming their old life.  I thought Scott Skowronski’s story was the essence of our Celebration.
  • What is your stone?  Having some good conversations about that question with people.  Got to pray with a ton of people after the services.  Always powerful.
  • Many have been very kind with their words to me about the power of the morning, but I just want to make sure everyone knows the team effort it is to create and execute all of these elements across 2 campuses/5 adult services/2 teen services.  Plus the two totally unique Passion Services.  My part was the smallest.  Our staff and many, many volunteers? Their part was huge.  God’s part?  The difference-maker.
  • Everyone is talking about the mirror shattering.  It was powerful to me when I did it the first time, but i wondered after Saturday night if the shock didn’t actually take away from the teaching.  I asked one of our elders and he thought it added…so i kept it.  I’ve never felt like shock-value is any good unless it actually makes a point as powerful as the shock.
  • And speaking of shock…some of you jumped out of your chairs!  The best part from the stage was seeing about 5 people in each service lean over to their spouse as soon as I picked up the rock.  My guess is they could see where this was going…
  • And for those who are interested…I found out late last night the attendance was huge…another record for highest ever at our church.  More important to me, we had almost 500 people come out for our Passion Services earlier in the week.  That has grown faster than anything over the last few years.

I got a hand written note today from someone I had traded emails with earlier in week about a deep struggle.  In part, the writer said, “I can’t really explain what happened to me on Sunday other than I’ve been raised from the Dead!  The Power of Christ’s Resurrection!” Enclosed was a compact mirror with “Loved” written across it.

That’s their Story.  That’s my Story.  That’s Your Story.

~ by Greg Lee on April 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Easter Reflections”

  1. The wheels in my head started spinning as soon as I saw the trashbags on the floor around the mirror. First thought was liquid was involved somehow, maybe washing the suffering off the mirrors in grand fashion. The minute you picked up the stone and talked aboutour personal stones I saw it coming 🙂

  2. It’s stories like the last one you wrote about which reminds me of why we do what we do on any given Sunday.It makes it totally and completely worth it!!! Thanks for letting me be a small part of what we do at Suncrest!

  3. The glass being broke by the stone was magnificent!! I went to my family Easter celebration and shared the awesome power in the message I had heard. Of course, it did make Hannah’s boyfriend (visiting the first time) jump in his seat—ha ha! My Mom is very intrigued in seeing the Sat night message. I know you re-recorded it….but will it be similar at this next Sun’s @ East Campus? She is that interested that she would visit East for the first time JUST TO SEE THIS MIRROR MESSAGE!! Please get back to me asap so I can advice her. Or is it available on the website?

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