Launching a campus (or two)

From a nuts and bolts perspective, launching a campus could be overwhelming (check out the plans below).  But for anyone who loves seeing God work through new things, it is invigorating.

Today, a team of us walked through a potential location in Highland.  Then, I had lunch with our campus pastors (Doug, Jared, and Andy) and Debby Albrecht, our new Children’s Ministry Staff member over all campuses.  As we move from 2 campuses to 4, we know we will experience the benefit of more synergy and have to work through the challenge of more complexity.

We have a good framework for it, though.  Today, we reviewed our last meeting where we outlined 30 day goals and 6 month goals.  We are in great shape for both campuses.  Still, today was a gut check to look ahead at what we need to accomplish in the next 2 weeks, the next 6 weeks, and the next 90 days.  Jared and Andy walked away with intense lists!

Will you pray for the next major areas as these campuses develop?

Staffing – worship and children’s ministry are the key areas where we like to have at least part-time staff.

Launch Team/Lead Team – It would be great to have 100 people on a launch team.  Everyone will need to serve as we fill out the volunteer matrix needed for launch. A smaller Lead Team of 8-10 to help the campus pastor guide the launch process.

Facility – It would be great to have a 7 day a week facility, but we might be looking at Sunday only.  Lots of variables here!

Funding – The Jesus Mission has been successful, but our campus pastors are also doing fundraising on their own like a church planter would.

Outreach – We will do advertising around the opening Sunday (projected for September 26, 2010), but at this stage it is about investing in the communities.  We want to serve them and have a positive presence there before anyone sees an advertisement.

We’ll see each of these come together by both hard work and God’s hand…it happens that way all the time around here!

~ by Greg Lee on March 30, 2010.

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