Weekend to Remember

I see enough marriages that struggle to know it’s a wise move to find a way for you and your spouse to get away every now and then to refresh.  From time to time, Jenny and I have gone to marriage conferences.  It had been a long time.

So this past weekend, I took advantage of a Sunday off to take Jenny to a conference called “Weekend to Remember” put on by Family Life.  Click Here for a link to their site.

Jenny and I had an incredible weekend. Mostly, because I have an incredible wife.  But this post isn’t actually about us.  It is about you.

You probably have a million good reasons you couldn’t take your wife to a weekend like this.  Heck, you probably have reasons why you would like to have a better marriage, but (you figure) it’s going to have to wait until later.

I’m just asking you to make a different choice.  Figure out a way to invest in your marriage.  Go to this conference.  Or another one.  Just don’t take the person you vowed to love, honor, and cherish for granted.  Or pretend that your relationship will just drift toward renewal.

Do something about it.  And if you are a husband…LEAD.

~ by Greg Lee on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “Weekend to Remember”

  1. Brian and I attended this exact conference almost 2 years ago! Highly recommend it to all couples. Still pull out our books from time to time to read what we journaled about that weekend.

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