Losing Pounds and Gaining Steam

Two random numbers are going in opposite directions around here…our staff’s weight and our Jesus Mission Commitments!

Three weeks ago, 23 people on our staff (including a few spouses) became part of our “Biggest Loser” competition.  We have committed to nine weeks together of losing our extra pounds and we have 6 weeks to go until May 4.

I’m so proud of our team because so far our staff has lost 152 pounds — in just three weeks!

On the other hand, our ‘Jesus Mission’ Commitments just keep gaining.  We knew we needed commitments of $340,000 to move forward on our projects and if we can reach $400,000 it will mean the projects are funded at the levels of excellence that are difference makers.

Right after our commitment Sunday, our total was $325,000 and over the last 10 days grew to $340,000 and now to over $362,000.  I love the unselfish, mission-first response of this church.

I had a great phone call yesterday too with someone in the church who had some good and thoughtful questions about the initiatives.  I was so glad he called and we got to talk.  Right before he hung up, he said he would be making a commitment this coming Sunday.  I imagine others will too.  I’ll keep you updated.

~ by Greg Lee on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “Losing Pounds and Gaining Steam”

  1. Nice Greg! Sounds like wonderful Jesus minded people are really reaching out to serve there!

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