Incredible People

Maybe the way God has been good to me more than any other is the people HE brings into my life and our church.  I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the jackpot in terms of great people coming around me.  It’s true of our staff and our elders.  Immediately guys like Randy Tempest come to mind – a key leader from Harvest Fellowship in Muncie that has opened our eyes to the possibilities in Liberia.  I have a great family…and great friends at Suncrest.

It hit me twice on Sunday in pretty simple ways:

When I walked into Hobart’s campus on Sunday, I was not surprised to see Lonnie Marsh.  He’s been there just about every Sunday since launch…first running the sound board and then reproducing himself by training new volunteers to run it.  He and his wife Tonia embody everything good about that campus and servanthood at Suncrest.  Then yesterday, I got a cool email from him celebrating what happened at Hobart Sunday with an incredible service.  Also in the email…get this…he told me he started Sunday morning at his parent’s house in Ohio and left at 4:30am just so he could be there and serve at Suncrest.  These people aren’t normal!!  But I love them.

And yesterday, I wrote a little bit about my friend John who I baptized and handed me the poker chip.  He followed that up with a cool email yesterday  With his permission (and knowing I’m blessed to have people like this in my life), I share part of it with you…

I told Diane and Anthony (his children)  this morning I can’t stop thinking about it.  It was a day I will remember forever.  Every element leading up to it and after was crafted by his grace: 

My aunt calling that morning (and later making it to the service)

The message [Way to go Wes!]

The walk ~ following a great leader (friend) to the baptism

Hearing my son call out “Daddy”

Seeing my loved ones in the front row

Affirmation of Jesus

The immersion – unbelievable [the water envelopes you…the trust…the rising]

The exchange – cashing in my chip

The embrace – Diane [It was just her and I sharing a moment– time stood still again]

The wait – Anthony waiting patiently for his kiss. Not 100% sure why Daddy was getting wet.

Maria rushing me because I was holding up the other baptisms. Good for everyone else… :  )

Sharing the details with everyone as the day unfolded.

Slept like a baby.

…John 3:16

~ by Greg Lee on March 23, 2010.

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