Sunday Road Trip

Yesterday was a blast.  I got to worship with the St. John Campus for most of their 8:00 and 11:00 services and still ran over to worship with the Hobart Campus at 9:30.   Then, in the evening, I got to hang out with the launch team forming for the Highland Launch.

It was great all around. 

The Hobart Campus had an incredible vibe.  Great Worship – Love what Nash Propst is bringing to that campus as a worship leader.  A full room for worship.  Great stories of how God is working in the lives of people at that campus.  It was truly “Refreshing”.  I don’t get out there often enough, but every time I do I’m amazed at how many more people I don’t know!  That, of course, is the mission.

During the 11:00 service at St. John, I got to be part of 6 baptisms.  Each one has their story.  After I baptized my friend John, he handed me a blue poker chip.  You would only know what that meant if you were at Suncrest 1 year and 1 week before. 

We did a message called “All In” where we gave everyone a poker chip that represented our lives.  We talked about how truthfully most of us want to know God’s plan so we can…weigh it as one of our options.  But God asks us to commit to following his plan in advance of him revealing it – to tell him “yes” to following whatever his plan is and THEN asking him to reveal it.

That is John’s story.  On Sunday…in his baptism…he was “All In”.  I love that…and will share with you a few of his reflections tomorrow.

~ by Greg Lee on March 22, 2010.

One Response to “Sunday Road Trip”

  1. It is very exciting to hear what God is doing at Suncrest. It is cool to see a church whose focus is reaching out. Many He continue to bless you.

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