Welcoming Debby Albrecht!

These last few weeks have been crazy for me for one reason:  I feel like we have been working on HUGE next steps for our church, but very few of them were finalized yet. 

That has started to change!  On Sunday, our commitments to THE JESUS MISSION gave us the resources we need to move forward with campuses and ministry in Liberia.  Another piece we have been working on for a while is adding to our children’s ministry team. 

Get this…before we launched the Hobart Campus, we had 1 full-time and 1 part-time staff in children’s ministry.  Today, our St. John Campus is larger than ever, plus we have another growing campus in Hobart, plus we are on the verge of launching 2 more.  And do you know how many staff we have?  That’s right.  1 full-time and 1 part-time.

That means a lot of things (one being that we have the best volunteers in the world!), but we have been long-overdue to take this next step.  So…I couldn’t be more thrilled than to introduce Debby Albrecht (pronounced “Albright” and pictured with her family) as our newest Children’s Ministry Staff member.  We feel very fortunate for her to sense a calling to Suncrest.   Her vision, her experience in large and multi-site churches, her heart for making sure kids have life-changing experiences make her the right leader.  Still, maybe the most exciting aspect is the chemistry we developed quickly in the interview process with Miss Sue, Julie, and the rest of the staff. 

Below is a note Debby wrote up about her journey and her family.  Enjoy!

My journey…I have had the privilege of knowing who Jesus is and that He loves me all of my life! When I was five years old I understood that I needed to accept Him as my Savior and as the sacrifice for my sin. My mom helped me pray a prayer and that began my relationship with Him.  While I and the people around me have not always been faithful, God has.  I love Romans 8:38-39, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.”

 I “grew into” ministry in the local church.  As I served as a young mom in Children’s Ministry it became apparent to me and others that I had been gifted to lead in the church setting. I love leading leaders who serve kids!    

 My family…Daniel and I have been happily married for 26 years and have four amazing kids who will all be moving to “the region” with us.  Daniel (I won’t give his age) works for Youth for Christ, primarily with middle school kids.  He is excited about the opportunity to continue that type of ministry in the Chicago area. Danielle (23) feels called to serve overseas in North Africa or the Middle East; she hopes to be there by early 2011. Caitlyn (21) is attending Minnesota State University in Moorhead to receive a degree in Social Work. Gabrielle (18) is also attending Minnesota State University in Moorhead and intends to go into Children’s Ministry Aidan (12) is in 7th grade, he likes to read and play any game that uses a screen.  Anna (18) is our “temporary” daughter. Her parents, in Japan, have allowed us to borrow her while she attends school here in the States.

 Coming to Suncrest…We are so excited about what is happening at Suncrest and can’t wait to be part of it!  My husband and I resonate with your vision and desire to be used by God to change lives.  Suncrest has an amazing team of staff, elders and volunteers and I am very happy for the privilege of joining the team! 

 On a personal note…My family had the opportunity to visit with the elders and staff when we visited Suncrest and each one felt welcomed by the people who lead you.  That’s actually very high praise!

If you are interested in details, click on the following a link…a note from Miss Sue and Julie Coons to their volunteers/contributors: Letter to Contributors

~ by Greg Lee on March 18, 2010.

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