What a Weekend…

I don’t like the phrase “I’m busy” so usually when people ask me how things are going I just say “Life is Full”.

God has given me, our family, and our church more opportunities and challenges and experiences than I could ever truly embrace.  So, while I like to stay out ahead of things, a lot of times I’m just living in the moments of whatever God is bringing our way.

This weekend was everything: 

  • Jenny was out of town Saturday, so I had a day with just me and the kids.  We had a blast whether it was Dunkin Donuts or a trip to the Library. 
  • I learned Saturday afternoon that Melissa Espiritu died.  I mentioned her husband Rex in my message last Sunday…a hard loss for a good friend.  6 kids at home.
  • Saturday Evening, I got to host a group of pastors form the area for an appreciation dinner for them and their wives at Kelsey’s Steakhouse.  They are from all over NW Indiana and doing great work, often in settings where they may not get the appreciation they deserve.  It was an honor to set this up for them and Kelsey’s (as always!) did a great job and gave us a great deal.
  • I walked into the church building at 6:45 Sunday morning with a friend I met in my first week at Suncrest 14 years ago.  He asked if I had a minute to talk so we went to my office and he told me that his father was dying and would likely not make it through the week.  We cried together and prayed together.
  • Sunday morning…it was commitment Sunday for the Jesus Mission.  I got to teach from one of my favorite chapters in the Bible (Hebrews 11). We’ll announce the total commitment this coming Sunday, but I can say that based on people’s generous pledges, we are moving full-steam ahead today with the plans to go “local, regional, and global!”
  • Sunday afternoon Jenny was leading the Liberia presentation at church.  It was cool to hear the stories and see the pictures from the trip.  This team and the experiences they had are our best “advertisements” for the compelling need Liberia presents.
  • It was 8:00pm Sunday before we got back to our house to start a meeting with Harvest Fellowship from Muncie about our future plans in Liberia.  We’ve found a kindred spirit with their ministry and have some decisions in front of us about the nature of a future partnership in Liberia.

Life is full.  And good.  Because God’s hand is in every blessing…and every challenge.

~ by Greg Lee on March 15, 2010.

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