Big Sunday Ahead

We’ve done all we can to describe the three projects for the Jesus Mission.  Our campus pastors and elders who have visited every single community group at Suncrest have LOVED the chance to dialog about it in such a setting.  Now, this Sunday is the day for our financial commitments. 

This was an interesting chart to me that describes how weekly gifts can add up to a lot over nine months.  It made me take a second look at our commitment.

Weekly Amount                                               Total Pledge

$300                                                                       $11,700

$200                                                                       $7800

$100                                                                       $3900

$75                                                                         $2925

$50                                                                         $1950

$25                                                                         $975

$15                                                                         $585

The other thing that has inspired me are the stories of ways people are approaching the sacrifice.  I put these in the weekly email to suncrest, but I think they are worth a reprint here:

  • One family that has struggled to tithe (give a full 10% of their income to God) in the past is using this period to commit to that step for nine months.  They currently give about 3% already so their Jesus Mission Commitment will be 7% of their income for the next nine months.
  • One family talked about struggling to give out of their cash flow so they are selling something very valuable and giving that money.  The inspiration came from the book of Acts one chapter after Jesus announces the mission.  Acts 2:45 describes a church living with the newness of the Holy Spirit:  Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.
  • My favorite story goes back to the “poker chip” we handed out one year ago when we talked about going “All in”.  The sermon was about finding God’s plan for our lives and recognizing the key thing God asks of us is to decide in ADVANCE that we will do whatever God asks us to…and then ask him.  That is so often when clarity comes.
  • There are other stories…Some giving up a month or more of our salaries…people doubling their tithe for this 9 month season…people who have very little to start with just wanting to make sure they do SOMETHING so they can be part of this effort.

As you might imagine, every story is inspiring to me.  Each of our stories will be powerful as long as we each genuinely seek God and follow our sense of where he is leading.

~ by Greg Lee on March 11, 2010.

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