Community Group Fasting

Along with a lot of other people and groups at Suncrest, our community group is fasting together today.  Most of us are going to do 12 hours., but whether is one meal or multiple days, the spirit of fasting is the same:

I’m asking God to help me remember my dependence on him.  I’m asking that he pain of being hungry remind me how much God does provide.  And I’m asking him to provide for our church as we try to follow where we sense he is leading us.

We have months ahead of us to fast and pray as we prepare to launch campuses, but there is no doubt that the most immediate next step is this Sunday.  Our church will come together to make financial commitments to The Jesus Mission.

All I am asking God is what I’ve asked our church family:  That each person who calls Suncrest home would simply ask God about what their commitment should be and then trust Him enough to follow what they are led to.  I hope that it will take some level of faith to make the commitment we are making. 

And I pray God uses all of them to change lives in Highland, South Bend, and Liberia.  I love doing this together as a church!!

Click here to download a guide we put together for fasting:  Jesus Mission Fasting

~ by Greg Lee on March 10, 2010.

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