The South Bend Campus

I was wiped out at the end of our services today, but also thrilled.  Felt like it was the right day to focus in on the work of the Holy Spirit.  Great conversations afterward.  Great worship in response to God’s Word too.

Out of all of it, though I have to say I was moved as much by the crew that came over from South bend as anything.  I knew they were coming and I still could hardly believe how many of them there were when they got up on the stage.

I had someone leave this comment on my Facebook page: It was a great service- I was overwhelmed (and excited) to see all of the South Bend members on the stage- God is working on something BIG!!!!!!

I couldn’t agree more!

Andy Kaser is a quality leader and a man seeking after God and trusting the Holy Spirit.  I was thrilled for him today as much as anything…to get to share all the relationships he has building toward something in South Bend with our two existing campuses.

~ by Greg Lee on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “The South Bend Campus”

  1. That comment that someone left on your facebook page,Greg, affirms what I felt also during worship today. Those EXACT same words! The excitement was tangible!

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