Thinking Campuses & Jesus Mission

My day on Wednesday started with conversations about the LIBERIA, AFRICA.  I guess that’s what happens when you wake up next to one of the trip’s team members!  It only ramped up as I walked through Suncrest and saw Denise Tribble and Beth Bevan.  Beth’s mantra has become “I have seen…now I am responsible.” 

Later in the morning, Jared poked his head in my office to celebrate.  After the first Sunday of talking about it, he already has 70 people interested in being part of his launch team for the HIGHLAND campus.  Wow.

In the Afternoon, I met with Doug Gamble in HOBART.  Too early to say anything substantial, but it looks like there might be a neat opportunity for this campus there.  It’s always fun to dream.  It’s wild to see the momentum in that campus.  Many of the original launch team have migrated back to the St. John Campus, but their attendance there was 195 on Sunday.

In the Evening, I went over to SOUTH BEND.  I got to have dinner with Andy and Rachel Kaser and 4 friends that we think will be part of his launch team.  Then, we went over to talk with the leaders of North Liberty Church of Christ, just outside of South Bend.  This Church has shaped Andy’s life from the beginning and they have an incredible impact on their community.  It was cool to hear them talk about how they want to be partners in this project.

~ by Greg Lee on March 4, 2010.

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  1. God is so good!

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