Aha! Coming tomorrow!

You’ve had them.  Those “Aha” moments when you realize a new insight or understanding and it changes your whole approach to an area of life.  It might be super-simple or ultra profound.  It doesn’t really matter.  It just really helped you when you needed it…and likely would help others too.

That’s the concept behind an online conference happening tomorrow…and it is FREE.  It’s put on by the best resource I have found in the ministry/leadership world — Leadership Network.  In this conference, they have gathered 40 “Fresh voices” from ministry circles around the country and each submitted a talk that was 6 minutes or less of our “Aha” moment. 

Full Disclosure…I’m one of the talks.  My Aha moments was a pretty simple one that happened about 9 months ago.  I’ll let you listen to it yourself, along with 39 others that will be even more powerful.

As of Monday morning, they told me they have a little over 3,500 people who have pre-registered for the conference, which has already exceeded their expectations! It is shaping up to be a really exciting time.  It starts at 11am Central time.  Click here for details and to register.  YES…It’s free, but you need to register!

~ by Greg Lee on March 2, 2010.

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