Creative about the Mission

We talk about our mission around Suncrest…A LOT.  God wants each of us to be: Used by God to Change Lives.

Sometimes that’s dramatic.  That’s very cool.

Sometimes that’s very simple.  And that’s cool too.

Last week, we had a lady in our church contact my wife and basically say she wanted to throw a party for the families of those “left behind” while our spouses are in Africa.  It also happens that she and her husband have the Dino-Jump Inflatables business in St. John.  

So last night…they brought the Dino Jump to the church, our kids jumped their hearts out, and it was great for us as spouses to hang out and talk about our experiences at home and what we have heard from Africa.

The Hausier’s were thoughtful and finding their own way to be used by God to encourage others.  So generous.  Such a simple way to carry out our mission.  I love it!

~ by Greg Lee on February 28, 2010.

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