Flexibility…needed early for Liberian Team

I got a text at 3:30 this morning with news from the Liberia team with another hiccup.  Their flight from London to Brussels was canceled and it became impossible to replace the flight quickly.  It looks like they will be spending a day in London and almost 2 days late in Liberia as they now make a connection through Nairobi, Kenya that was never planned.

We have preached preparation and flexibility for the team for a year now, so they are going to take it in stride and make adjustments.

I just talked to Danny Buegar, our partner in Liberia.  The news is really the worst for them because of all the plans that will have to be adjusted of what our team wants to do.  But, as always, his spirit is great and he understands better than anyone how hard it is to make all the logistics work with their country.

More updates as I have them.

~ by Greg Lee on February 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Flexibility…needed early for Liberian Team”

  1. Jeff called at 6:30 am our time. All is well they checked into hotel in London, going to have lunch and then have a meeting to discuss adjustments to be made. He said after that they hoped to do some sight seeing.

  2. We’re praying for the team. God has plans, too! This will work out.

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