Detour…on the way to Liberia

Our Liberia Team had a change of plans in London last night.  It may just give you a picture of the challenges in Liberia.  A flight got delayed meaning they would be late to Brussels, Belgium.  The flight from Brussels to Monrovia Liberia is the only flight we know of out of Europe to Liberia (there are none directly from the USA).  Unfortunately, the flight only goes every 3 days or so.  So if you miss it…you get the picture.

That means our team didn’t even go to Brussels.  They are now re-booked on a flight from London tomorrow evening that will go to Nairobi Kenya and then another flight to from there to Liberia.  This is the same route we took last year and means it takes 2 days to travel instead of one – the reason we booked the Brussels flight in the first place.  (I never realized how big Africa was until I found out last year that our flight from Kenya to Liberia was LONGER than either the Chicago to London or the London to Kenya flights!)

The Good?  Our team gets an unexpected tourist day in London before they fly out tomorrow.  And it just reminds us that our plans are nothing more than that…our plans. 

The Challenge?  Since the whole point of the trip is to serve the Liberian people, they will just have less time to do that.  Once the team is on the ground, their efforts will be even more intense than originally planned…and that was already pretty intense. 

From the Liberian perspective, the most important part of the trip is the Leadership Development we are doing.  So they are adjusting the schedule to still do every session, but do it over 2 days instead of 4. 

Since they will need the church property for leadership development, the team is going to move the VBS into the community, possibly utilizing a soccer field.  Who knows…maybe it will be even better there?

The Water Systems…Denise Tribble has been calling London and Liberia this afternoon coordinating this one!  I’m confident it will come together one way or another.

This much I know…there are 14 people from Suncrest, 3 from Harvest Fellowship in Muncie and one of East 91st Street Christian Church who have prepared for this for a year.  They will make adjustments, serve the people, and ultimately trust God for the outcomes.

Makes me wish I was there with them!

~ by Greg Lee on February 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Detour…on the way to Liberia”

  1. Spoke with Jeff this morning (10am). They are getting ready to leave the hotel and head to the airport shortly. At this point they don’t think they will be doing any construction in Liberia – just the water system, said they will make that final decision upon arrival. He also said they have eaten well and saw “Big Ben”, along with a tour this morning. He said spirits are good, and they are just excited to get to Liberia.

    • Thanks for the update, Michelle. I’ll be celebrating when I hear they are all sitting on the plane ready for take-off. Hopefully in the next hour!

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