Baptism Stories

There is too much to type to tell all the baptism stories.  Some are super-personal (to me and to them).  I often feel like highlighting some might diminish the others…and every one of them was a life-shaping decision.  So I’m just going to bullet point a few highlights (some I shared Sunday at the St. John Campus) and share a couple others that have been passed on to me. 

  • A young woman who I had done a wedding ceremony for 6 years ago. 
  • A young man who had one of life’s “wake-up calls” in a serious accident a few weeks before.
  • A lady who is often my teller when I go to the bank.
  • Seeing a few “whole families” being baptized together.
  • Watching a husband jump in to baptize his wife.
  • People I had prayed for over many years…and People who were in their first few weeks at our church
  • The person running mediashout/powerpoint in our sound booth walked down from there to get baptized.

A very personal one:  If you were with us in the first week of the series, I told a story about a teenager I met with years ago and after a conversation I thought was good, I was so disappointed when he said Jesus was (on a scale of 1-10) a “5” in importance in his life.  That very guy (now a young man) was in church and came up to get baptized…and made a commitment to follow Jesus (as a 10!). 

A couple other stories that I think capture the morning…

From Jerry Jackowski…”When I decided to be baptized, all I could think about was who was going to do it.  When I saw Gordon in the water, I thought how fitting.  Gordon was the leader in my “Starting Point”.  It is amazing how God placed Gordon at the “start” of my following.”

From Linda Barnett’s grand-daughter who now lives in Florida, but grew up largely at Suncrest made a surprise visit to see her.  She tell’s the story…

On Friday the 5th, I went to Brenda’s for the evening.  Once I got there, she took me aside and told me she needed to talk to me in the computer room.  The door was closed, she opened it, and there in a chair sat my youngest granddaughter, Hayley (15).  Unbeknownst to me, she had flown in to surprise me.  She was worried since she had heard my diagnosis, and I had not seen her since Christmas 08.  You can only imagine how I felt.  Hayley had wanted badly to be baptized, and she wanted to be baptized at Suncrest.  I don’t believe in coincidence, but I do believe in the divine providence of God.  I just remember her saying at second service…can I go up now?  She was second in line.  I cannot tell you what peace it gave me.

Thank you again for baptizing Hayley.  It was the number one thing I wanted to see accomplished on my bucket list!!  

~ by Greg Lee on February 17, 2010.

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