Top 10 Random thoughts…

Thoughts running through my head this morning…

1.  I have the most wonderful wife in the world.  Valentine’s Day just reminds me of that.

2.  I was looking forward to a week off from teaching.  But with the call that Jared was sick Saturday night, I ended up teaching at St. John.  I’m a late night person…but it was 2:00am when I decided the sermon wasn’t going to get any better by staying up later!  I’m teaching the next 4 weeks too, so I’ll look forward to the break after that!

3.  I was REALLY looking forward to being at the Hobart Campus on Sunday…that was the worst part of getting the call to teach at St. John on Sunday.  I’ll get out there soon!

4.  I had breakfast with Mike Moseng this morning at the place we used to meet weekly for breakfast.  Good times.  I’ll miss he and Laura in big ways.

5.  I love the Olympics.  Even more, I love that our kids love the Olympics.

6.  My mom and dad were at the Daytona 500 again this year.  Long race yesterday with the delays, but they got to see a great finish!

7.  Our upcoming message series is “The Jesus Mission”.  It has HUGE implications for each of us who are followers…and for our church.  If you want to get a head-start…begin memorizing Acts 1:8 today.

8.  I like to give Wes Blackburn (our worship/cultivate intern) a hard time, but the response from the crowd on Sunday when I said “should we try to keep this guy around?” was pretty telling about the positive impact he has already had on our church.  Maybe…an announcement soon?

9.  It was awesome to introduce Brendon Foulke as our Student Life Pastor for the St. John Campus yesterday.  We are very fortunate to have someone with his leadership gifts on our team.  Young guys usually are full of potential.  Brendon has that…but also already has some pretty impressive experience.

10.  And I can’t forget to mention Nash Propst.  He’s our worship guy at the Hobart Campus, but did a really nice job leading at St. John yesterday.  On the flip side…Bobby Jackson was leading out at Hobart and came back totally impressed at how that campus was engaged with worship.  Great stuff going on out there!

~ by Greg Lee on February 15, 2010.

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