My Daughter

This is my favorite recent picture of Abby.  We are all thankful she got her looks from her mother!

Abby is a pistol.  She is hilarious, has the best facial expressions, knows how to get what she wants (also from her mother?), and every time I take her picture she says, “You can put that on your blog.”  (Even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what my blog is.)

Tuesday night we went for a little daddy-daughter date.  She loves McDonalds…but only on her terms.  She wanted chicken nuggets with Apple slices and the caramel dip that comes with them.  Then…she dips the chicken nuggets in the caramel dip to eat them!

After McDonalds, I took her to an 8th grade girls basketball game.  I think Abby is our athlete so I’d love to nurture that early.  And…we have a young lady in our church that coaches the team at Clark Middle School.  It was a riot.  Abby was cheering for the other team to miss their free throws and she loved it that “Coach Erin” came up and gave her five after the game.  (A very impressive comeback victory, by the way!)

Good times.  Always trying to make memories…and capture them.

~ by Greg Lee on February 5, 2010.

One Response to “My Daughter”

  1. Wonderful picture and great stories to capture the joy you take in being a father. Thanks, Greg!

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