We start every staff meeting at Suncrest with the question “Where are we winning?”  It’s another way of asking “Where do we see God at work?” or my favorite way to ask it:  How are people at suncrest being used by God to change lives?

I’m always amazed at where God is at work that I am totally unaware of until I hear through our staff.  Here’s a partial bullet point list from this week:

  • Over $6000 was given to Haiti relief just weeks after a $40,000 offering at Christmas Eve for our benevolence/compassion efforts.
  • The new college aged community group has just taken off in powerful ways…an age group most churches struggle to connect with well.
  • Looks like that group is multiplying already to add another 20-somethings young adult group.
  • We have over 20 families from both campuses committed to going through Financial Peace University after our message series about Money (as many families around here can attest to…lives will be changed).
  • We are preparing for as many as 200 people at the “Taste of Africa” dinner this Friday night. (That team of 15 suncrest attenders, including my wife, leaves on Sunday, February 21.)
  • This “not a fan” message series has generated lots of powerful conversations.  8 baptisms in the first week…who knows how many will be this week?
  • Oh yeah…and those 30 guys who were on the retreat I mentioned in that last post about our leadership pipeline.

There is a lot of life here, Suncrest.  I love ya!

And for fun…I thought I’d add the nice thumbs up picture from Wes Blackburn, our Cultivate/Worship intern…which actually was taken at our leadership retreat.  This guy makes me laugh all the time.  Staff meetings are more fun with him around!

~ by Greg Lee on February 4, 2010.

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